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Halifax appoints agent in Thailand

Halifax Fan has appointed a new agent in Thailand who will improve Halifax’s access to the wider Asian market. Integrated Quality Services Co. Ltd has offices in Bangkok and Rayong, the two major manufacturing centres in Thailand.

Halifax ATEX blowers kill all known germs

Sterilisation of everything used in a hospital is absolutely critical and most of us visualise sterilisation as a high temperature process.

Biomass fans contribute to carbon reduction

Biomass FanBy the addition of an innovative direct injection biomass boiler fuelling system from Alstom Power, one of the UK’s largest coal fired power stations has increased biomass co-firing from the previous 10% to greater than 20%, more that doubling its carbon reduction on two of the four units at the station. Initially the system will utilise palm kernel chips although other vegetable by-products such as olive kernels or wood pellets can be accommodated in the design.

Halifax Fan gets Oakland Glass back into production in 2 weeks instead of 10

Repeated, rapid speed cycling over a period of years imposes fluctuating stresses on the impeller blades of centrifugal fans. This can cause catastrophic failure and total destruction of the fan impeller and casing,

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