Eye on the Shop Floor

For over fifty years Halifax Fan has been designing its own range of industrial centrifugal fans to meet the needs of Industry worldwide. Keep up to date with the latest on our shop floor.

We are often complimented for the robustness of our fans. We recently received a video from one of our new USA customers.

These are two of our fans spotted aboard the Shell Prelude FLNG (Floating liquefied natural gas) vessel currently moored in South Korea.

One of the many Titanium fans designed and made at Halifax Fan for use with highly corrosive chemicals.

At Halifax Fan we are again bucking the trend. As the oil industry is in a down stroke we are still being approached to build arduous duty fans for the offshore combustion sector.

Titanium Dioxide can be found all around us, it’s the main ingredient in white pigment used in paints, plastic, paper and countless other applications. However, the production of this chemical is highly specialised and calls for the highest grade of machinery.

Designed to be mounted on board a floating oil storage and refining ship.

We make many fans for various applications in the pharmaceutical industry in the UK China and now the USA. This fan was made to suite the highly demanding specifications of an Irish based pharma giant.

Designed to be a robust fan in an arduous biomass power station environment.

Built to the highest of American petroleum standards.

Stainless steel fans designed for the demanding offshore industry.

Over the years we have manufactured several bespoke fans for the special effects industry for use on films like Batman and Harry Potter.

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