Eye on the Shop Floor

For over fifty years Halifax Fan has been designing its own range of industrial centrifugal fans to meet the needs of Industry worldwide. Keep up to date with the latest on our shop floor.

Bespoke ATEX Fan

We have just dispatched this unusual fan for use in the decorative vinyl sector. Our customer had an existing antiquated system that removes adhesive fumes from a vinyl sheet production line.

Mineral wool has countless applications, it's excellent thermal/acoustic insulating and is fire resistant properties coupled with relatively low cost offers a durable product heavily used throughout the building and industrial sectors.

The run-up to Christmas has always been a busy period for Halifax Fan. This year has been no exception, we have seen a record intake of orders in our factories in China the USA and in Yorkshire in particular…

We are currently fabricating several large fans for use in a Welsh steel plant.

We are often complimented for the robustness of our fans. We recently received a video from one of our new USA customers.

These are two of our fans spotted aboard the Shell Prelude FLNG (Floating liquefied natural gas) vessel currently moored in South Korea.

One of the many Titanium fans designed and made at Halifax Fan for use with highly corrosive chemicals.

At Halifax Fan we are again bucking the trend. As the oil industry is in a down stroke we are still being approached to build arduous duty fans for the offshore combustion sector.

Titanium Dioxide can be found all around us, it’s the main ingredient in white pigment used in paints, plastic, paper and countless other applications. However, the production of this chemical is highly specialised and calls for the highest grade of machinery.

Designed to be mounted on board a floating oil storage and refining ship.

We make many fans for various applications in the pharmaceutical industry in the UK China and now the USA. This fan was made to suite the highly demanding specifications of an Irish based pharma giant.

Designed to be a robust fan in an arduous biomass power station environment.

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    The heavy engineering capacity of the new plant in Akron, Ohio, has enabled Halifax to produce custom designed fans from 9ins to 140ins diameter and subsequently, turnover in the USA has nearly trebled over the last 12 months. Manufacturing in North America has also won them a number of new customers in Canada, a market previously difficult to service.

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  • Out with the old and in with the new for Outokumpu Stainless Ltd

    Outokumpu were keen to develop current technologies that would improve value in service and were not just looking a like-for-like replacement for an excessively worn impeller. They wanted to have a fan with the improved ability to resist the dust, giving the benefit of improved reliability, performance and reduced costs. Read more ...  

  • Halifax Fan are recruiting in the UK, USA and Asia (China)

    In the UK, we are looking for temporary and permanent Fitters, Fabricators, Laser Operators ideally with rotating assembly experience. We are also looking for Engineers/Draughtspeople and a Parts Nesting Programmer (for laser).

    In China, we are looking to grow our Sales and Engineering Teams with experienced staff.

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